F1 World Grand Prix Dreamcast


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F1 World Grand Prix accurately reproduces real racing rounds from the ’98 Grand Prix–complete with the weather of the day. Take a shot at the championship in this title, which features a 3-D cockpit with two virtual views of the action. To make your experience more realistic, the race-cars sustain damage when they crash into a wall or opponent.

Your tires may lose traction and start to unravel, so get to the pit quick for repairs and refuelling or you’ll be left in the dust. Keep an eye out for the five different flags that will alert you to track activities.

Each race that you select comes with a preview of championship history and overall position, as well as the drivers and their stats.

Artificial Intelligence recreates the champion racer’s driving style so you can follow in the tyre tread of your racing heroes.

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November 1999


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