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The original Gran Turismo is generally credited as the best driving game ever released on the PlayStation. That's a tough claim to beat, but the best contender to steal those bragging rights is, of course, the much-anticipated sequel; Gran Turismo 2.

This time the driving action takes place on 20 different racing courses--almost double the number in the original game. There are more than 400 cars to choose from, including newly added "muscle cars" and even a VW Beetle! While some racing games slide by with less-than-realistic driving control, the Gran Turismo series has won over die-hard car fanatics with its attention to detail and realism. For example, this game gives you the freedom to modify your engine to maximise your driving performance. While not all gamers will care about adjusting their axle width or suspension, it is a nice option for those of us who like to get under the hood before we go.

Once your car is up and running, the race begins. The arcade racing mode is filled with numerous bumps and surprises. If you have a dual shock controller, you will feel every rumble and shake as your car speeds, slides and (often) crashes on the street. The in-depth simulation mode allows you to earn money from your races so that you can upgrade your car's parts and, ultimately, buy or sell a car.

  • Sequel to acclaimed driving simulator Grand Turismo
  • 20 different racing courses
  • More than 400 cars to choose from
  • Modify your engine to maximise performance
  • Earn money from racing to upgrade your car

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PS One

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July 2000


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